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2nd July 2015


Has your main contractor made a mistake with their Pay Less Notice?

For the specialist contractor, receiving less money than was agreed for a job can be extremely distressing. But what many subcontractors still don’t realise is that main contractors often fail to follow the law under the ‘new’ Construction Act when it comes to reducing payments to you. So don’t just assume you will have to accept less money than you are owed. Read more...


11th June 2015


The 3-step approach to minimise confusion over construction contracts


A lot of the problems I see with specialist contractors is where they have a difference of opinion with the main contractor as to what was agreed in their construction contracts. This would happen a lot less if subcontractors followed these three simple steps when approaching projects. Read more...

2nd June 2015


4 important ways to minimise the risk of disputes


The worst kind of dispute is the one you never needed to have. Find out four powerful ways to reduce the risk of getting into construction disputes with your main contractor. Read more...


28th May 2015


How to avoid variation disputes in construction contracts


One of the biggest causes of disputes in construction contracts is the issue of whether variations were agreed as additional jobs or part of the original contract. In fact, I have come across specialist contractors who have lost £10,000s due to variations they wrongly assumed....Read more...

26th May 2015


Advice for specialist contractors on adjudication costs


In this article, we look at the various costs involved in pursuing an adjudication, as well as who is responsible for footing the bill if you win or lose. Read more...

21st May 2015


Specialist building contractors facing record levels of risk


As research reveals a 45% increase in the last 12 months of the number of construction companies in financial difficulties, Peter English looks at the two fatal mistakes that could be putting these firms at risk. Read more...

19th May 2015


Construction skills shortage time bomb


As recent statistics show construction skills shortages are preventing 28% of construction firms from bidding for work they would have previously taken on, we look at the reasons behind the problem and how it could lead to a raft of disputes further down the line. Read more...

11th May 2015

How does the adjudication process work?


If you have reached the point where you feel there is no alternative but to go to adjudication over a dispute with a main contractor, it can be reassuring to find out how the whole process works before starting proceedings. So we have put together this brief article to outline the stages of the adjudication process. Read more.

6th May 2015


Why the ‘No dispute’ argument usually fails to prevent an adjudication pay-out

If you decide to adjudicate against a client or main contractor and the adjudicator decides in your favour, the other side might try to get the adjudicator’s decision overturned by claiming that the adjudicator had no jurisdiction to decide the case. So where do you stand in this situation? Read more...

30th April 2015


Getting paid what you are owed under the new Construction Act

Do you know what payment procedures you and the main contractor should follow for construction contracts made on or after 1st October 2012? If not, you will need to know. That is because there are now two regimes relating to ‘self-billing arrangements’ and ‘invoicing arrangements’. Read more...

22nd April 2015


8 things you should know about your rights under the new Construction Act


As a subcontractor, you are most probably aware that a new Act came into force in 2009 that is designed to make it easier for you to resolve construction disputes and improve your cash flow. Here are 8 key things you need to know about your new rights. Read more…

14th April 2015


Top 10 tips for subcontractors on getting paid


Are you a subcontractor who is worried about getting paid on time and in full? If so, you are not alone. In fact, payments concerns form the basis of most of the cases I handle for my clients. So I have put together the following top 10 tips to give you a useful guide to maximise your chances of getting paid. Read more ....


2nd April 2015


5 Golden Rules to Avoid Disputes


Is your business struggling to avoid disputes? Do you constantly find yourself giving away slices of profit to aggressive main contractors? Why not consider these 5 easy steps to help you avoid disputes? Read more....



24th March 2015


Will BIM prove a blessing or a burden for subcontractors?


As BIM is heralded as the ultimate collaborative approach to minimise design conflicts, project delays and construction costs, leading Midlands Adjudicator, Peter English, looks at three areas where BIM could prove a real burden for subcontractors. 



17th March 2015


8 tips for managing your risk on construction projects


Find out about Peter English's 8 tips for managing your projects professionally and reducing the risk of disputes going against you.

2nd February 2015

Why training is essential to avoid single ply roofing disputes


Our expert witness for roofing, Tony Mellon, explains why both management and operatives need single ply training to avoid the risk of costly disputes.

12th January 2015


Construction delays - what are your rights?


Find out where you stand when construction project delays are caused by the Main Contractor, or by both you and the Main Contractor.

7th January 2015


Five of the Worst Contract Terms

You Can Ever Sign Up To


Read about these five nightmare terms that can leave you at real risk of major cashflow issues.

17th November 2014


When roofers aren't to blame for problem roofs


Read about how architects and follow-on trades that do not understand single ply roofing are often responsible for damage post-installation.


16th September 2014


Are you walking into a single ply roofing dispute?


Our roofing consultant and expert witness, Tony Mellon, highlights the risks of failing to understand the correct installation procedures for the various types of single ply roofing membrane.

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