Tony Mellon

Roofing Consultant and Expert Witness


One of the UK’s leading roofing pioneers, Tony Mellon’s 30
year career has seen him become a true expert in the field of single ply
roofing, capable of providing independent expert advice on all aspects of
roofing specification and installation.


Initially the Managing Director of one of the UK’s largest independent roofing companies specialising in all forms of industrial roofing, he then went on to start his own company, Durabit UK, (later renamed Euro Single Ply and then Flag UK), which specialised in single ply polymeric roofing membranes.


Later, he went on to sell Flag UK to the Italian manufacturer Flag, joining them as a main board director. Here he developed his broad knowledge of manufacturing methods used in polymeric membrane manufacture and was instrumental in developing new membrane systems, including the TPO product and coloured membranes.


A Fellow of the Institute of Roofing and former committee member of the Single Ply Roofing Association, he is ideally positioned to author credible independent reports and provide expert witness statements on any element of single-ply roofing.


He has been responsible for the waterproofing and fixing design on many impressive projects, such as Wembley Stadium, Hampden Park, ECHO Arena in Liverpool, The Reebok Stadium in Bolton, Royal Berkdale Golf Club and many more.


He has also been involved in some of the largest underground projects in the world. For example, the Dubai International Airport Scheme included 1.2million square meters of PVC hot-air welded membrane with a fail-safe system included.


He has also undertaken several investigations into defective workmanship and poor design for membrane manufacturers, roofing contractors and main contractors/owners. Through his knowledge and experience, he has identified, reported on and made recommendations to all parties on the cause of problems and has advised on cost-effective solutions.


During his career, Tony has spent 25 years training operatives and management personnel in the correct installation and welding of all types of membrane system.


In addition to being an expert witness for PJ English Associates, he continues to offer 1-day workshops for the management personnel of roofing contractors on the full range of single ply roofing products.