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New ruling against 'unfair' liquidated damages


7th July 2015


If you have ever fallen foul of a clause for liquidated and ascertained damages, commonly called LADs, you will know just how painful they can be. Main contractors use them in their subcontractor agreements to enable them to claim compensation for specific breaches by the specialist contractor, usually in relation to delays. But now a new ruling could mean that blatantly unfair LADs could become a thing of the past. Read more...

1 in 6 subcontractors fall foul of law


16th June 2015


In a recent survey we carried out, one in six subcontractors thought they could just down tools if they were not getting paid - a risky approach that can lead to the main contractor suing you for costs associated with the delay. Find out here how to follow the correct legal procedure. Read more...

Is the UK construction industry in recession again?


9th June 2015


As the Office for National Statistics releases data suggesting a decline in output in the UK construction industry for two consecutive quarters, leading Midlands dispute resolution specialist, Peter English, gives his opinion on the state of the sector. Read more....

Survey highlights the risk of not checking subcontractor agreements


12th May 2015


After the PJE International 2014 Payment Survey found that 40% of subcontractors only challenge one in every 10 contracts they sign up to, we look at the risks subcontractors may be exposing themselves to by not taking the time to read or challenge the terms in their subcontractor agreements. Read more.

3 in 5 subcontractors underpaid for perfect job


27th April 2015


3 in 5 subcontractors are underpaid by main contractors for delivering the perfect job, according to the PJE International 2014 Payment Survey. Conducted by construction law specialists, PJE International Ltd, the annual survey looks into current payment practices in the UK construction industry. The survey also found that...Read more. 

Subcontractor payment rights explained in plain English at PDA AGM


16th March 2015


Peter English, Managing Director of construction law specialists, PJE International Ltd, gave a talk on payment procedures to over 30 members of the Painting and Decorating Association at its North East Regional AGM this month.


Held at the Mount Pleasant Hotel near Doncaster, members heard useful advice from Peter on their rights when chasing payments withheld by main contractors. Read more...


Is loss and expense robbing subcontrators of their boom-time?


26th February 2015


With the Office for National Statistics estimating a growth in UK construction output of 7.4% between 2013 and 2014, it may seem that subcontractors are holding all the cards at the moment.


But Peter English, a leading Midlands’ construction dispute adjudicator and managing director of construction law specialists, PJE International Ltd, has expressed his concerns over subcontractors winning jobs only to lose vital ..... Read more.


75% of subcontractors fail to receive pay less notices


22nd January 2015


In nearly half of cases where a main contractor withheld payment, the vast majority of subcontractors received no valid pay less notice.


These findings come from a recent survey of subcontractors conducted by construction law specialists, PJE International Ltd, to gauge the impact that current payment practices are having on the UK construction industry. Read more....

Leading Midands' adjudicator expresses concern over Payment Charter


6th November 2014


Leading Midlands’ construction adjudicator, Peter English of PJE International Ltd, has expressed his ongoing concern about the slow progress being made with fair payment for subcontractors.


Peter says: “The ‘Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter’, published in April, was designed to address the massive problem in our industry of .... Read more.

Midlands' adjudicator warns subcontractors to avoid retention risks


4th November 2014


Leading Midlands’ adjudicator, Peter English of PJE International Ltd, has warned subcontractors that they are taking unnecessary risks with retentions that can negatively impact their business.


He says: “Only last week, we saw how TEG Group was forced to suspend share trading until it could resolve a retentions dispute with.....Read more...

Around 50% of subcontractors cite payment issues as main concern


28th October 2014


A show of hands at this month’s AIS fpdc Conference in Manchester revealed that round 50% of the subcontractors in the room saw getting paid by main contractors as their biggest challenge. Read more...

Construction dispute management firm to advise at AIS fpdc Conference


10th October 2014


Construction dispute avoidance and resolution specialists, PJE International Ltd, will be on hand at next week’s AIS fpdc Conference to advise delegates on issues surrounding construction contracts. Read more....

Construction lawyer warns of risks from construction sector growth


8th September 2014


It has been a good few months for the UK construction industry, with the sector expanding at its fastest rate in seven months, according to the Markit/CIPS construction Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI). But leading Midlands' construction lawyer, Peter English, has voiced his concerns over.... Read more...


Adjudication expert recommends Kent Construction Expo


4th September 2014


Leading UK adjudicator, Peter English of PJE International Ltd, has recommended that subcontractors operating in the South East take advantage of an upcoming event to explore business opportunities with main contractors. Read more....

Leading Midlands' adjudicator expresses concerns over construction skills shortage


1st September 2014


Leading Midlands’ construction dispute adjudicator, Peter English, has expressed his concerns over ongoing skills shortages in the UK construction industry after Construction News found that 88% of construction leaders felt a lack of skills or staff would be one their biggest concerns over the next year. Read more....