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Over recent years there have been a number of legal changes designed to better protect the rights of contractors, thus ensuring fair payment is received for all work carried out. Whilst this is most welcome, for the system work it relies on both parties behaving in a an equitable manner.


For example, a recent case highlights that not only must applications for payment be submitted within the payment process and timeframe agreed, it must be clear that an application for payment has been submitted, thus triggering the payment period. 


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Fairness is a two way street
Fairness is a two way street.pdf
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When no news is good news - the importance of knowing key dates


Failing to issue a valid payment notice, or payless notice, indicates agreement with the application for payment and funds must therefore be paid in line with the payment conditions of the contract. As a result, knowing key dates for applications for payment, payment or payless notices, can mean the difference between profit and loss.


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No News Is Good News
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The Adjudicator's decision is final...sort of


What happens if you win an adjudication but the main contractor disagrees with the amount specified in the application? If a ruling has already been made, can they commence a second adjudication and either continue to withhold payment, or at least reclaim some of the funds already paid?


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Certainty Of Payment


Specialist contractors routinely suffer from both late & reduced payment and, although the HGCRA gives 2 remedies for late or non-payment (Adjudication & Suspension) neither of these are employed as widely as they should be.

This is because there is so much uncertainty about how much is due for payment and when it should be paid.


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Site Supervisors & Project Profitability


Specialist contractors should always consider the fact that they are “Constructors”. They ‘Construct’, they put up and they take down.

Always at the forefront should be the knowledge that all this putter-uppering is where they make their money. If the putter-uppering process is not controlled on site, then the putter-upperer loses money – and lots of it!

Site Supervisors Project Profitability.[...]
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