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Construction Dispute Resolution Experts

Over the last 25 years, PJE International has established a respected position as genuine experts in the fields of dispute management, commercial and project management, programming, planning and delay analysis, and quantity surveying.

At the core of this success has been our proactive construction dispute avoidance approach, which is carefully designed to help organisations identify, assess and minimise commercial risk.

In essence, our work centres on identifying key areas of risk at an individual project or corporate level.  We then work extensively with all relevant stakeholders to mitigate this risk through contractual or procedural developments and adjustments.

As a result, we help to ensure construction subcontractors like you maximise the profit on each and every project by receiving prompt and complete payment for all products and services provided.

What’s more, when issues do arise, our experts are committed to using a combination of mediation, adjudication, arbitration and if necessary litigation, in order to successfully resolve disputes in a positive and commercially desirable manner.
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In difficult times, getting paid in full and on time is more important than ever. Despite this, our research shows that many subcontractors still have only a basic understanding of their contractual rights and what to do if there is a payment dispute.


Our construction dispute resolution experts will help you decide on a course of action that makes the best commercial sense. We’ll then work with you every step of the way, securing the profitability of each contract and protecting the future of your business.

Trusted by subcontractors for over 25 years

Getting the right result for your business requires more than just a knowledge of the law, it’s also about using the experience that comes from over 500 adjudications to help you make the best commercial decisions for your business.

Don't waste time

The quicker you act, the sooner you’ll receive payment

Taking the right action

Taking the right action at the right time minimises risk and improves results

Prevention is better than cure

We’ll help you implement strategies to prevent future payment disputes

Construction Dispute Resolution

Helping you resolve disputes in a way that maximises profit whilst still protecting client relationships and future business opportunities.

Risk Assessment

Helping you assess the risk of new contracts to create a fairer commercial relationship with your customers and a more profitable future for your business.

Dispute Avoidance

Keeping your key staff up to date on best practice operational management policies, helping them identify and mitigate potential risks before a dispute arises.

On Demand Expertise

Our innovative helpdesk solution offers on demand advice and guidance on every aspect of construction contract assessment, management and dispute resolution.

Our Speciality

We help to ensure construction contractors like you maximise the profit on each and every project by receiving prompt and complete payment for all products and services provided.

Why Choose PJE?

The business was started by someone with direct personal experience of running a construction business. This means we know how important it is to balance legal enforcement with commercial risk. As a result, our strategy for positive construction dispute resolution will always include an examination of all the available options.

A Proven Track Record

Our success depends on your success. We will never advise you to take action unless we are confident of securing a positive outcome for your business. In fact, we have won over 95% of cases we’ve taken on.

We believe that helping subcontractors receive full and timely payment results in more than just increased profitability for individual businesses, it creates a more stable and sustainable construction industry for everyone.

Our experts

All our customers get direct access to construction dispute resolution experts with decades of experience in successfully resolving payment disputes and securing construction contract profitability.

Peter English

Peter English


Peter is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor specialising in Construction, Building Envelopes, LNG and the Oil & Gas industries. He is a construction dispute resolution expert, a registered Adjudicator, Arbitrator and CEDR Accredited Mediator.
Mark C Thomas (Consultant)

Mark C Thomas (Consultant)


Mark has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry working on major construction projects in a wide range of industry sectors in the UK and overseas. As a PJE consultant, Mark acts as an expert witness and advocate in the resolution of contractual difficulties and disputes.

Tony Mellon (Consultant)

Tony Mellon (Consultant)

Roofing Specialist & Expert Witness

One of the UK’s leading roofing pioneers, Tony Mellon’s 30 year career has seen him become a true expert in the field of single ply roofing, capable of providing independent expert advice on all aspects of roofing specification and installation.
Keith Roberts (Consultant)

Keith Roberts (Consultant)


Keith has worked as a PJE consultant for many years and is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Building Surveyor, Chartered Structural Engineer, Chartered Construction Manager and a Chartered Arbitrator. He is also an Accredited Adjudicator, an Accredited Mediator and a RICS Accredited Expert Witness.

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What Our Clients Say


Wayne McNeill, Director, C&M Mechanical Pipework Services (Leicester) Ltd

The service provided by PJE International was carried out in an extremely professional manner with genuine concern for the customer in retrieving monies owed, which was very successful for all concerned.

Tim Waterson, Commercial Director, Landmark Limited, Esher

We achieved a great settlement – we are as pleased as punch as we didn’t need to go to Adjudication in the end, the quality of the documents produced by PJE swung it for us against a previously entrenched position by the main contractor


Bruce Cheyne, Kara Construction Limited, West Midlands

We can’t thank Peter English enough. If we had lost this Arbitration it could have spelt disaster for us. But we won thanks to the professionalism, organisation and knowledge of PJE International and their Instructed Barrister, Peter Collie