Dispute Avoidance

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They say that prevention is better than cure and when it comes to disputes this is definitely the case.

Unfortunately, subcontractors are all too often guilty of making the same mistakes time and time again. As a result, the profitability of each job is threatened and with it the stability of the company as a whole.

To help you address this business critical issue, PJE International Ltd have developed a full range of dispute avoidance services.

These include:

Best practice advice to avoid Withholding issues

The best form of defence against things such as Withholding of funds is to ensure that the correct procedures and documents are in place and being followed in the first instance.

Our highly trained staff can review your current procedures and standard forms and advise on ‘best practice’ in these areas. Alternatively, we can introduce new forms and procedures to ensure a stable platform on which to operate.

This will provide security of future cash flow and reduce the likelihood of withheld funds and disputes with your clients.

Our advice can include: the correct way to issue notices, keep records, programme and plan, submit valuations and variations, to name a few.

Advice on contract Terms and Conditions

We can provide advice on all major forms of main contractor and subcontractor agreements. In other words, before you sign up to anything, we can advise you on which contract terms and conditions can put you at risk, and which should be included to protect your interests.

We also offer a basic free-of-charge service to check that your Terms & Conditions are fully compliant with the Construction Act.

Where appropriate, we can supply a set of Terms & Conditions to meet these requirements to provide much needed security should you end up in a position where you need to rely upon these.

In-house training courses

In addition to in-house reviews of your documents and procedures, we can also provide training in the use of best practice to your staff. This not only ensures procedures are upheld throughout your organisation, it also helps your staff understand the importance of carrying out these operations.

We can also provide training days on a wide range of issues to help you with dispute avoidance such as seminars on ‘Commercial Awareness’ and ‘Changes to the New Construction Act’. To view our full range of construction law courses click here.

Monthly helpdesk package

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the best possible support, we provide a variety of helpdesk packages charged on a monthly basis for maximum affordability.

Offering telephone support and contractual advice, these packages will help you tackle many of the legal issues you will come across day to day as a subcontractor. To find out more about our construction law helpdesk packages click here.

Need more advice on our dispute avoidance services?

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You can also click here to read our article ‘5 Golden Rules for Avoiding Disputes’.

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