Dispute Resolution

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If you are a subcontractor being treated unfairly by a main contractor, dispute resolution may be your only viable option

Of course, you may be loath to go down this route, particularly if you rely on such clients for future business. But there is no need to either accept this entirely unethical behaviour, or to upset your relationship with an important client.

So what can you do about it? And how can you be sure that the action you take will achieve the desired results?

At PJE International Ltd we can advise you on the best course of action to resolve your dispute, helping you to preserve your company’s profitability and long term security.

Our dispute resolution services include:

Preparing your case for Adjudication

Adjudication has been introduced as a quick and cost-effective way to resolve disputes in construction. The whole process only takes 28 days, unless you and the main contractor agree to an extension. An adjudicator then decides your case, with his decision being binding and enforceable unless overturned by an arbitrator or the courts.

Tackling invalid Pay Less Notices and Withholding Notices

Whichever of these notices you receive, there are laws governing how and when the main contractor should issue them. If they have failed to follow these rules, we will have a strong case for recovering what you are owed.

Issuing Statutory Demands

A Statutory Demand is a written demand for payment of a liquidated debt of more than £750. Once the Statutory Demand is left at the main contractor’s registered office, if they do not dispute the debt and fail to pay it within 21 days, you can apply to the court to have their firm wound up.

Preparing Loss and Expense claims

If you have been delayed on site because of the fault of the main contractor, you have a right under the Construction Act to recover any loss and expenses you have incurred because of the delay. These items might include extra pay for your staff, increased plant hire costs, etc.

Issuing legal letters

Sometimes all that is needed to make a main contractor think twice about treating you unfairly is a stiffly worded letter making it clear that you are prepared to take legal action to get paid what you are owed.

Why choose us for dispute resolution?

With over 600 cases fought and a 97% win ratio, we have recovered over £28 million for companies just like yours. What’s more, we have achieved this whilst at the same time helping our clients maintain positive relationships with main contractors and end clients.

You can click here to read some of our client testimonials about our dispute resolution services.

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You can rest assured that we will only advise you to take action which we believe is genuinely in the best interests of your business and that all discussions are confidential and without obligation.

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