Protecting Your Profits

21 March, 8:30am – 11:30am, Orton Hall Hotel, Peterborough

Discover how to protect profits and minimise risks for every project you take on

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Let us show you how to protect profits by getting paid in full and on time.

Join us on 21 March as PJE International links up with Lloyds Bank for an interactive seminar that’s set to be a must attend event for any subcontractor in the construction industry.

The last 12 months has seen a series of legal cases which has turned construction dispute resolution on its head. This means that it’s time to forget some of the things you thought you knew and learn a new set of skills for improving the stability and profitability of your business.

Subcontractors from all trades are reporting increased difficulties managing cash flow amidst growing threats to the overall profitability of successfully completed projects. This means that new strategies and working practices are needed to accurately assess contract risk and ensure you get paid in full and on time.

Protecting Subcontractor Profit: Agenda Highlights


How to stop adjudications being put at risk by counter claims

Recent cases have shown that subcontractors are no longer guaranteed to win an adjudication against main contractors who fail to follow the strict regime for withholding payment. Don’t get caught out. Join our team of experts and find out what this means to your business and how to ensure you can win this ‘race to a decision’ and receive the entire amount claimed.


Risk assessing your dispute resolution approach

Resolving a payment dispute can be a complicated business. Should you negotiate a settlement, employ a mediator or jump to adjudication? All of these routes have their pros, cons and inevitable costs. So how can you risk assess the various strategies and ensure you take the right action, in the right way, at the right time? Our experts will walk you through all the available options and provide a decision making template that protects profits and minimises risk.


Discover an easy way to increase the profit on every job

Subcontractors who fail to properly manage their loss and expense account are giving away millions each year. Often, this is due to not getting the basics right and having a few simple processes in place. So don’t give away your profit to a main contractor who is already trying every trick in the book to withhold funds rightfully due. We’ll show you how easy it is to increase the amount claimed on every job you take on.


Is your business work ready and working capital ready?

Could changes in main contractor contract terms affect your ability to fund existing projects or take on new work? Is growth being restricted because working capital arrangements simply can’t keep pace with the way your business is changing? For many subcontractors this is an all too familiar story, one that restricts profits and puts future expansion at risk. With this in mind, we’ll provide an easy to understand guide to the available options and show how to decide what’s best for you.


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